Tinnitus E-Programme - Free to access on-line tinnitus management programme
Tinnitus E-Programme
Conditions of Use
The Tinnitus E-Programme materials are not a substitute for medical advice. You should always see your doctor and/or medical professional.
Debbie Featherstone has made the above materials available in a private capacity.
All users of the Tinnitus E-Programme are advised of the following: 
  1. A medical consultation with your own General Practitioner is essential for a diagnosis of tinnitus and any additional or related health issue.  Sometimes, your doctor will recommend referral to an Ear, Nose and Throat or other medical specialist. When this is the case, medical advice should be followed
  2. The Tinnitus E-Programme does not and cannot offer individual diagnosis or comment upon any individual's state of health
  3. The Tinnitus E-Programme does not claim to be an alternative to any treatment that has been recommended by your own doctor or specialist
  4. The Tinnitus E-Programmedoes not replace or supersede specialist assessment and is not able to offer individual assessment                    
  5. The Tinnitus E-Programme is not suitable for anyone with a history of serious mental health conditions including schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Specialist help should always be sought via your own doctor and/or mental health specialist
  6. The relaxation elements of the Tinnitus E-Programme may not be suitable for anyone with a history of asthma, heart conditions, narcolepsy or any form of epilepsy or seizures. You must always consult your doctor before undertaking unsupervised relaxation
  7. The relaxation elements of the Tinnitus E-Programme must never be used by anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and relaxation recordings should never been played while driving a car 
  8. In the rare instance of any worsening of your symptoms, you must always consult your own doctor or specialist
  9. These materials have been used by many people and negative side effects of relaxation are rare, however, we must point out that individuals who undertake the Tinnitus E-Programme or use any part(s) of the Tinnitus E-Programme materials do so at their own risk. Neither Debbie Featherstone, nor any other clinicians involved, accept any liability for any unwanted or negative effects attributed by individuals to the use of any of the contents of the Tinnitus E-Programme
  10. Individuals downloading any of the contents made available for the Tinnitus E-Programme, do so entirely at their own risk
  11. Where an individual chooses to join the external Tinnitus E-Programme on-line forum, agreement to all the above conditions is implied
  12. The Tinnitus E-Programme external on-line forum is a moderated site, and anyone joining the forum is expected to be respectful towards all other members of the forum. Failure to meet this condition will result in the offending member being removed from the forum by the Moderator without warning or redress
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